Antimicrobial packaging in today’s bakery and IBIE baking expo.
Shelf life is a huge concern for bakers and food producers everywhere, which is why they are always on the hunt for more sophisticated solutions. This year’s Baking Expo is sure to have plenty of them! No matter the size of your operation, keeping mold and rope spoilage at bay are significant concerns. Though, it’s true that today’s antimicrobials are a far cry from the antimicrobials of the past because bakery science has grown by leaps and bounds.

Antimicrobials are predominantly used to restrict and inhibit the growth of spoilage organisms, like mold and rope bacteria. Over the years, these solutions have evolved, with common antimicrobials including benzoates, propionates, and sorbates. Yet, keeping bacteria from growing on your baked goods doesn’t stop at formulation. Packaging can also play a part in prolonging the shelf life of baked goods.

Extend Shelf Life with Antimicrobial Packaging

Antimicrobial packaging is a newer solution to an age-old problem for bakers. It allows food processors to reduce dependence on mold inhibitors and chemical preservatives, as well as reduce refrigeration costs at certain stages within the supply chain. If you are looking to stay on the clean-label trend, this option is great! I’m excited to see what other fine-tuned antimicrobials companies will present at the Baking Expo in Las Vegas next month. And if you want to check out a truly innovate solution to packaging, be sure to check out SoFresh at Booth # 6075!

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