Brown rice syrup is a popular sweetener in baking.

Let’s talk sweeteners for a minute. You want one that has a distinct flavor and favorable color. Oh yeah, it be great if it’s healthy and possibly clean label! These days there are plenty of options of sweetness. But if you relate to the description above, brown rice syrup may be a good choice for you.

Why brown rice syrup?

Considered a premium sweetener, it adds more than sweetness. A few things it adds:

  • Moist cake and bread crumb
  • Food for yeast
  • Desirable flavor
  • Crumb and crust coloring
  • Shelf‐life extension
  • Masking of beany flavors in formulations rich in soy

How does it bake?

Rice syrup contains a mix of glucose, maltose, and higher saccharides. It is mostly sold as a low DE sweetener, which means it’s less sweet and has a lower amount of fermentable solids than regular sucrose and corn syrups.

How does it compare to other sweeteners?

Brown rice syrup 92–95 DE glucose syrup / 42 HFCS Table sugar (granulated sucrose)
Browning power Medium High High
Fermentability Low to medium High High
Humectancy Medium High
Hygroscopicity (competition for water) Medium High High
Osmotic control on fermentation Medium High High
Sweetness Low to medium High High
Viscosity (ease for handling) High Medium
Creaming power (batter cakes) Very low Very low High
Compatibility with clean label, organic/natural trends Compatible Not compatible Compatible

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