PEGs are a perfect fit for emulsifying cake batter.

PEGs are a perfect fit for emulsifying cake batter.

Polyglycerol Esters, or PGEs, are emulsifiers – one of the more versatile ones available. With an HLB varying from 3 to 14, they can act as a water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsifier. It all depends on the degree of esterification. Here are some ways you can put them to work:

For Cakes:
PGEs improve the function of margarine, helping stabilize and aerate the product. They also have the advantage of standing up to long times of whipping, making them ideal for cakes.

For Foams:
Whether you’re mixing a sponge cake or a topping, PGEs are perfect for whippable emulsions. They increase viscosity and aeration while reducing coalescence.

For Low-fat:
PGEs can function as a low fat shortening, as well as creating an emulsion system with high amounts of water so the overall caloric content of the product decreases. Not only that, they help improve the taste and texture of low-fat products.

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