By Lin Carson


Whey is the liquid that remains after the cheese curds are formed.

Whey powder probably makes you think of protein shakes. But did you know that when used in bread products, whey boosts shelf life and adds texture? Or that it can emulsify liquids and replace eggs? What’s really interesting is how it’s helping with a growing demand for healthier products. Not only does it increase protein in baked goods, it also helps increase quality. Its strong water-binding properties work well with whole wheat flours, and it’s commonly used as a fat-reducer.

Whey powder comes in a variety of concentrations, from 11% all the way to over 90%. Each level serves a different purpose in baking.  Find out which Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) you should be using here.

AND whey powder is good for you?

Whey was first used as a cure-all health tonic. From ancient Greece to health spas in Switzerland, it boosted immune systems. Although the process for making whey powder eliminates some of those benefits, it has been proven to help with weight loss. Plus, it has all the essential amino acids!

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You know dairy products play a crucial role in baking. Where would dough structure and crusts be without them? To get the most out of your dairy use, it’s crucial to understand how it affects products.  From condensed and evaporated milk to cream and butter, discover what does what and why.

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