How to bake with whey protein.
More than you are now! With the current keto and high protein trend, this naturally protein-rich ingredient packs a big punch when used in food. Not only does it increase protein in baked goods, whey also helps increase quality. It has strong water-binding properties that work well with whole wheat flours.

Whey Functionality

When used in baking, whey ingredients can help with

  • Egg replacement
  • Fat reduction and protein enrichment
  • Shelf life extension
  • Color and flavor development
  • Texture improvement

Whey powder also increases solubility, gelation and water binding.

How much protein does whey have?

Whey powder comes in a variety of protein concentrations, from 11% all the way to over 90%. Each level serves a different purpose in baking. Whey proteins are recognized as high-quality, due to their balance of essential and non-essential amino acids.

The three types of whey powder are:

  • Concentrate: the most commonly used type
  • Isolate: has the highest percentage of protein
  • Protein hydrolysate: has a bitter taste and is used for infant formulas and medical products

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