SMG2 MOLE thermal profiler

Thermal profiler for use in Kill Step calculation

You’re not the only one. We know from this blog that there is a looming deadline for what the FDA expects. While some of us are still figuring things out, some of us are wondering what else we should be doing with the M.O.L.E. profiler.

Those of you already familiar with thermal profiling understand the benefits and have become reliant upon profiling to quantify and control Oven Spring, Critical Change and Crumb Set. Yet there’s plenty of more reasons to run a thermal profile. Profiling can provide consistently high-quality products from batch to-batch or plant to plant, minimize the ingredients needed, optimize the use of specialty enzymes, is energy efficient, provides reliable data and can produce 10% reductions in the bake cycle. Visit this page to determine which M.O.L.E. profiler you need.

Kill Step Profiling Accomplishes more than Food Safety Compliance

If you have never ran a thermal profile before, it can seem rather intimidating to do so. Bakeries are feeling dragged into this additional requirement of hazards analysis and record-keeping compliance needs of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). However, there are additional benefits in complying to the new FSMA regulation:

  • The profiling newbie group has more variables to conquer – oven imbalance, non-optimized zone setpoints, conveyor speeds, etc.
  • But rest assured that your efforts towards achievement of FSMA compliance shall be matched by yield and capacity improvement gains as well, offsetting much of a bakery’s compliance costs with overall profitability improvements.
  • Profitability improvements will come from: enhanced capacity, copy exact production from multiple ovens, scrap reduction, energy savings, avoiding negative audits and recalls/closures reputation damage.

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