21 06, 2017

Pullman Loaf

A Pullman Loaf is baked in a square pan, giving it a unique shape. Pullman Loaf What is a Pullman Loaf? A pullman loaf is bread frequently used for sandwiches. It is a four-square loaf that has a delicate texture, fine crumb, and good flavor. It is made in a special [...]

7 06, 2015

Sponge and Dough

Sponge and Dough What is the sponge and dough method? Sponge and dough is a breadmaking method that involves two stages: A pre-fermentation step for sponge mixing A dough or final mixing step. It produces breads with unique flavor and aroma, a soft crumb and an improved shelf-life. For this reason, this [...]


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