10 06, 2015

Hamburger Bun

Hamburger Bun What are Hamburger Buns? A hamburger bun is a round, risen bread designed specifically to hold a hamburger patty and the accompanying toppings. The hamburger bun, when sliced in half, makes hamburgers and sandwiches portable and easy foods to eat. Compared to bread, they are: High in sugar High in [...]

7 06, 2015

Water Brew

Yeast brewing in just water and sugar. Water Brew Also Known As Flour-Free Ferment or Water Preferment System What is Water Brew? A water brew is a mixture of water, yeast and a buffer which is then fermented for a specific time at a predetermined temperature. A water brew is [...]

7 06, 2015


Preferment What is a Preferment? A preferment is a mixture of dough components which is allowed to ferment before it is added to a bread mix. Types of preferments include: Sourdough Levain (a type of more hydrated sourdough) Poolish (also known as French preferment) Biga (Italian preferment or aged dough) Pȃte fermentée [...]

7 06, 2015

Flour Brew

Flour brew has a higher water content than traditional sponge. Flour Brew Also Known As Liquid Sponge or Flour Preferment What is Flour Brew? A flour brew, or liquid sponge, is a type of preferment which contains more water than flour to keep the mixture pumpable. As with the sponge [...]

7 06, 2015

Comparison of Dough Systems

Comparison of Dough Systems How do you compare dough systems? Comparing dough systems allows bakers to identify and analyze different aspects of systems. This information helps in identifying the best production process for commercial breadmaking operations. Important aspects that plant managers need to consider are: Plant economics Production flexibility Dough system Batch [...]


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