28 07, 2019

The Role of Yeast in Baking, Nutrition and Health

Yeast not only leavens dough and gives it a light, sponge-like texture—it provides flavor, aroma and contributes to the nutritional value of bread. Here's how it functions in bread, and boosts the benefits of the final baked good. In baked goods, yeast has three main roles. Leavening The carbon dioxide gas produced by yeast [...]

11 01, 2017

Baking Technology

Baking Technology Lallemand VitaD® Yeast Lallemand VitaD® Yeast offer every baker the possibility to make bread a daily vegetarian source of Vitamin D. It is gluten-free and grown from non-GMO Yeast strains. Learn more at www.lallemandbaking.com. Enrich Bread with Vitamin D Lallemand has developed a process that allows bakers yeast to naturally [...]


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