2 08, 2018


Croissant What is a Croissant? A croissant is a laminated, yeast-leavened bakery product that contains dough/roll-in fat layers to create a flaky, crispy texture. Croissants belong to the Viennoiserie or pastry category of baked goods along with brioche, Danish and puff pastries. A croissant usually contains normal levels of salt, yeast and [...]

10 06, 2015


Brioche What is Brioche? A brioche is a yeast-raised product enriched with butter and eggs and sometimes sweetened with sugar.1 This enriched formula gives the finished product a flaky, almost pastry-like texture. It’s a flavorful and tender artisan good that belongs to the Viennoiserie category of bakery products—the meeting point of pastry [...]


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