20 11, 2019

Tortilla Formula

Flour Tortillas Ingredients In Baker's Percent: (%) HRW SG Flour - 100% Water - 55% Salt - 1.5% Sugar - 0.5% Shortening - 7% Sodium bicarbonate - 1% Levona Brio - 1.8% SSL - 0.5% Method Add all ingredients to spiral mixer, and mix for 2 min at [...]

16 07, 2019

What to Look Forward to at IBIE 2019

Brought to you by IBIE Every three years, the entire baking community comes together at IBIE to experience new technology, access best-in-class education, find inspiration and connect with important resources. Because this is the venue where baking professionals in all roles and from every industry segment join together, the progress that originates at IBIE helps to shape [...]

2 07, 2019

Learn Your Own Way at the BAKERpedia Academy

Improving your craft and knowledge is how you’ll improve your career, product and business in the baking industry. But it can be hard to do when you're busy doing your job. Plus, everyone learns differently. So, that's why we built the BAKERpedia Academy. So what’s your learning style? Online: take the digital academy! BAKERpedia has [...]


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