30 10, 2020


Maltose Also known as malt sugar, maltobiose or 4-alpha-D-glucopyranosido-D-glucopyranose What is maltose? Maltose is a disaccharide made up of 2 glucose units. It is a reducing sugar, so it contributes to Maillard browning and caramelization reactions. In baking, maltose is used as a substitute for sucrose and is a good yeast nutrient.¹ [...]

12 06, 2015


Sugar Also Known as Sucrose What is Sugar? Sugars are nutritive carbohydrates used by the baking industry to add sweetness, flavor, fermentable solids. They perform key functions in doughs and batters that improve the overall quality of the finished products. Sugar has traditionally meant table sugar or sucrose. The U.S. definition of [...]


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