15 10, 2015

Succinylated Monoglycerides

Succinylated Monoglycerides SMG What are Succinylated Monoglycerides ? Succinylated Monoglycerides are additives used as emulsifiers, dough conditioners and crumb improvers in baked goods and shortenings. They are available in powder form, which is insoluble in cold water but dissolves in hot water and alcohol. Their HLB value ranges from 5-7.1 In the [...]

10 06, 2015


Surfactant What is a Surfactant? In the baking industry, surfactants are used as foaming and wetting agents, emulsifiers that strengthen dough during proofing and baking, stabilizers of cake batters, texture improvers, and shelf-life extenders. Examples of surfactants used in the bakery industry include: DATEM, CSL, SSL, lecithin → Yeast-leavened doughs Succinylated Monoglycerides [...]


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