6 05, 2022

The Technology of Sourdough Starters

The quality, flavor and ultimate success of your fermented breads begins with sourdough starters, or preferments. Although making a starter is simple enough, there is a complex side to sourdough technology. Sourdough (also known as levain) leavens bakery products as a clean label leavening solution for wheat and rye bread, Panettone, Colomba, Pandoro, different brioches, [...]

8 10, 2019

Don’t Get Sour About Sourdough!

Sourdough: one of the most popular and delicious of breads! For bakers: an art form. True, it’s one of the simplest formulas—pretty much four and water. However, the baker needs to masterfully control the ingredients and process to end up with a consistent, signature flavored bread. The chemistry of sourdough Inside sourdough, microorganisms feed on the flour to produce [...]

1 11, 2018


Levain Also known as sourdough starter What is Levain? Levain is a type of preferment which matures slowly prior to its addition to bread dough. In the United States, the terms ‘sourdough’ and ‘levain’ are often used interchangeably, which is not the case in Europe. Both terms refer to a similar composition [...]

24 11, 2015

Sourdough Library

Sourdough Library What is the Sourdough Library? The sourdough library is a non-profit global initiative by Puratos. It's designed to gather sourdough starters for their protection and preservation. Available to all bakers worldwide, it's for anyone interested in learning about sourdough.  The ultimate purpose of the library is preserving the biodiversity of [...]

10 06, 2015

Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter What is Sourdough Starter? Sourdough starter is the biochemical leavening agent which replaces added yeast in sourdough bread. These starters are responsible for the unique flavor and aroma of artisan, rustic-type sourdough breads. In simple terms, a sourdough starter is a mixture of flour, water and the most precious ingredient [...]


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