10 07, 2018

Flour Bleaching

Flour Bleaching What is flour bleaching? Flour bleaching is a chemical treatment that removes yellow xanthophyll and other pigments from milled grains to produce whiter, finer-grain flour suitable for high ratio cakes, cookies and quick breads.1 Commercially-used flour bleaching agents include: Chlorine gas Chlorine dioxide Nitrogen dioxide Calcium and benzoyl peroxides Azodicarbonamide [...]

9 06, 2015

Pastry Flour

Pastry Flour What is Pastry Flour? Pastry flour is a powder produced from milling soft white or soft red wheats. This type of flour usually has low absorption and little mixing tolerance. Its properties are intermediate between bread and cake flours. It is used to make:1 Laminated products (e.g. croissants, Danish and [...]

7 06, 2015

Cake Flour

Cake Flour Also known as Chlorinated Flour or Soft Wheat Flour What is Cake Flour? Cake flour is a finely milled powder obtained from soft winter wheat. It typically contains less protein (approx. 8%) than most other flours. White flour is required by the FDA to be enriched with: Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin [...]


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