21 02, 2022


Chips What are chips? Chips are snack products which can be made from either cereals or tubers, such as corn or potatoes. Potato chips are perhaps the most famous snack products ever consumed. Chips can be made using several processing technologies, or their combinations, including: Extrusion cooking Frying Drying Extrusion and frying [...]

30 09, 2021


Breadstick Also known as Grissini What is a Breadstick? Breadstick is one type of yeast-leavened dry bread characterized by a crispy and crunchy texture resembling that of pretzels, crisp flatbreads and crackers. Breadsticks are made from a somewhat lean formulation which in most cases does not contain any added sugar or honey.  [...]

29 11, 2018


Fonio What is Fonio? Fonio, one of many types of grains and pseudocereals referred to as ancient grains, has West African origins. It is touted for its nutritional profile and lack of gluten, which makes it an attractive baking ingredient, particularly for breads and snacks. However, some experts say more research is [...]


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