10 06, 2015

Hamburger Bun

Hamburger Bun What are Hamburger Buns? A hamburger bun is a round, risen bread designed specifically to hold a hamburger patty and the accompanying toppings. The hamburger bun, when sliced in half, makes hamburgers and sandwiches portable and easy foods to eat. Compared to bread, they are: High in sugar High in [...]

10 06, 2015


Wheat What is Wheat? Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the world’s most important food crops. Its prominence among other grains and cereals is due to its cultivation adaptability and high yield, as well as its unique viscoelasticity and dough forming properties. Wheat is often associated with bread. However, it’s also [...]

7 06, 2015

Maillard Reaction

Maillard Reaction Also Known As Browning What is the Maillard Reaction? The Maillard reaction, also known as carbonyl-amine reaction, is a non-enzymatic browning (NEB) reaction that produces desirable colors and flavors in baked products and other thermally-processed foods. Maillard reaction takes place when sugar and protein containing formulations are subjected to heat [...]

7 06, 2015

Sodium Ascorbate

Sodium Ascorbate What is Sodium Ascorbate? Sodium ascorbate is an organic salt of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). It is a clean label food additive, antioxidant, acid regulator and an essential nutrient. In baking, it can either be added to the flour at the mill or to the dough at the bakery.  The [...]


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