22 01, 2018

BAKED in Science Podcast S2E1: Top Trends for 2018 and FODMAPS

What will be trending in 2018? Doug Peckenpaugh of BNP media gives us an overview of the top trends to watch. It’s not just clean label, but organic and fresh foods as well. Some of the other questions we dive into are: Is old new again? What does "health halo" really mean? In the end, [...]

10 10, 2017

Confused About Clean Label?

Many commercial bakeries are responding to consumer concerns over ingredients. This move away from eating foods containing synthetic additives and preservatives is known as clean eating. Bakeries looking to address consumer concerns are considering formulation changes. From a manufacturing standpoint, switching to a clean label could cause commercial bakeries the following issues:1 No real definition [...]

23 05, 2017

Pitching a Loaf Podcast: S1E7 Mold and How to Prevent it

Summer is coming. And for most of us bakers, that means more issues with mold. Further extending product shelf life is something we all strive for. But what’s the best and safest way? Dr. Lin Carson and Dave Dahl reveal some of the things they’ve done to keep mold at bay, from cultured wheat to [...]

23 05, 2017

Non-GMO Ingredients

Non-GMO Ingredients What are Non-GMO Ingredients? Non-GMO or GMO-free ingredients are from crops that have not been genetically altered using novel genetic engineering or DNA manipulation techniques. These modifications are different from traditional cross-breeding or hybridization. GMOs are found extensively in major crops grown in the United States, such as: Corn Soy [...]

9 05, 2017

Fight Mold with Fruit

Fruit isn't found much in the baking industry, unless we’re talking fillings and pies. But did you know that it can be used as an organic solution to fight mold? That’s right! Acids found in some fruits can reduce the pH in dough, helping in areas like flavor, color and nutritional profile. Here are a [...]


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