30 10, 2020


Maltose Also known as malt sugar, maltobiose or 4-alpha-D-glucopyranosido-D-glucopyranose What is maltose? Maltose is a disaccharide made up of 2 glucose units. It is a reducing sugar, so it contributes to Maillard browning and caramelization reactions. In baking, maltose is used as a substitute for sucrose and is a good yeast nutrient.¹ [...]

9 06, 2015

Non-Diastatic Malt

Non-Diastatic Malt What is Non-Diastatic Malt? Non-diastatic malt is used primarily in yeast-leavened bakery products. It functions as food for the yeast, adding flavor, sweetness and crust color to loaves. Non-diastatic malt has no starch-degrading capacity. Non-diastatic malt is extracted from barley using the following steps: Sprouting (malting) Germination Kilned/roasting Milling [...]


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