28 07, 2020

Liquid Storage

Liquid Storage What is Liquid Storage? Liquid storage is an important unit operation in food processing. It encompasses storing liquid ingredients in safety vessels to protect them from microbial deterioration, dust particles and insects. Designing proper storage facilities should take into consideration factors such as the type of liquid to be stored [...]

10 06, 2015


Sweeteners What are Sweeteners? Sweeteners are carbohydrates are characterized by their sweet taste. The most common ones in baking are mono and disaccharides. These ingredients are essential components of baked goods. They are added to yeast-leavened products, as well as to chemically-leavened sweet goods like batter cakes and cookies. Although, then they [...]

7 06, 2015

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup  What is Brown Rice Syrup? Brown rice syrup made from brown or whole rice flour. It is considered a premium sweetener due to its brown color and distinct flavors, which comes from the bran of the rice kernel. Unlike glucose and fructose syrups made from pure starch sources, this [...]


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