27 07, 2020

How To Find and Bake With a DATEM Replacement

You want to make a clean-label product. But you also need reliable loaf volume, fine crumb structure and dough extensibility. You need a DATEM replacement. Thankfully, food scientists are making that an easier ask than it used to be. Replacements are on the market that can mimic the effects of DATEM, but are sourced from clean-label [...]

3 01, 2019


Laccase What is Laccase? Laccase is an enzyme used in baking to improve various qualities of doughs and baked goods. The ingredient can be used in bread production, for example, to enhance: Dough handling Loaf volume Crumb structure Origin Laccase is an ingredient sourced from fungi, which secrete laccases [...]

21 08, 2018

DATEM Replacement

DATEM Replacement What is a DATEM replacement? Consumers are now more than ever seeking clean label baked products. To combat this challenge, the industry has identified and/or developed other alternatives that can completely replace DATEM in bread production while yielding similar results such as improved loaf volume, fine crumb structure, and dough [...]


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