6 05, 2020

A Leavening System for Frozen Doughs and Batters

A micro-encapsulated leavening system is now an essential ingredient in shelf stable frozen and refrigerated dough and cake batter formulations. They are designed to release the leaveners into the system in response to triggers such as temperature or moisture. A few you’ll find in baking are: Baking powder Baking soda Fumaric acid Vinegar powder [...]

12 08, 2019

The Science of Encapsulated Baking Powder

If you work with frozen or refrigerated dough or batter, you are probably familiar with encapsulated baking powder. And for good reason! The ability to release chemical leavening systems on demand is a game changer for products that sit and thaw for long periods of time. What all does encapsulated baking powder do? Provide consistent leavening following [...]


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