6 03, 2017

Are Your Cookies in Compliance? Kill Step Validation for Baked Goods

Are you a baker who makes their bread and butter producing cookies? The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Preventative Controls for Human Food requires commercial bakeries to provide validation of process controls such as thermal kill steps.1 Compliance dates for some businesses began in September of 2016. The good news is a new [...]

23 11, 2016

Kill Step Calculator

Kill Step Calculator What is a Kill Step Calculator? The kill step calculator is a tool used by bakers to validate kill steps against the bacterial pathogen Salmonella. From a food safety standpoint, the kill step is necessary to eliminate harmful pathogens and reduce the microbial load in food to safe levels. [...]

7 06, 2015

Yeast Kill

In baking, proper timing of the yeast kill will control the height of the baked good. Yeast Kill Also Known As Yeast Inactivation Temperature What is Yeast Kill? Yeast provides vital gas production for achieving volume in baked goods. Its peak is during proofing, and into oven spring. Thermal profiling is [...]


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