21 11, 2019

Honey Oat Buns

Honey Oat Buns Ingredients 2 tsp Yeast 1¼ C Milk 3 C Bread flour ¾ C Oats 1½ tsp Salt 2 tbsp Olive oil ¼ C Honey Method Place all seven ingredients into the mixing bowl and mix for 12 minutes using a dough hook. Place dough in a covered bowl [...]

26 11, 2018


Gingerbread What is Gingerbread? Gingerbread is an umbrella term used to describe many different sweet breads, cakes, and/or cookies made using ginger and sweeteners such as honey, treacle, or molasses. Since antiquity, gingerbread has evolved from a flat slab bread into fluffy cake, chewy cookies, and as a foundation for culinary showpieces. [...]

12 06, 2015

Invert Sugar

Invert Sugar Also Known as Invert Syrup What is Invert Sugar? Invert sugar is a colorless, flavorless syrup which sweetens, improves quality and extends shelf life of baked goods and confections. It is derived from sucrose (a.k.a. table sugar), a disaccharide made of two monosaccharide sugar units. When a disaccharide undergoes a [...]

12 06, 2015


Honey What is Honey? Honey is a sweet, viscous substance produced by honey bees (Apis Mellifera) feeding on nectar or secretions of plants. It is one of the earliest sweeteners used in baking. The main carbohydrates present in it are glucose and fructose.1 It can be classified according to its source: Nectar [...]

10 06, 2015


Sweeteners What are Sweeteners? Sweeteners are carbohydrates are characterized by their sweet taste. The most common ones in baking are mono and disaccharides. These ingredients are essential components of baked goods. They are added to yeast-leavened products, as well as to chemically-leavened sweet goods like batter cakes and cookies. Although, then they [...]

10 06, 2015


Agave nectar is an alternative sweetener to sugar or honey, with vegan and low-glycemic characteristics. Agave What is Agave? Agave nectar (or agave syrup) is a natural sweetener generally used as a sugar substitute in baking or cooking. It is obtained from several different species of the agave plant and [...]


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