24 12, 2019

Gluten Washing Tests

Gluten Washing Tests What are Gluten Washing Tests? Gluten washing tests are laboratory analyses that provide information about the quantity and quality of gluten in wheat flour. These tests are used to evaluate the baking quality of hard and soft wheat flours used in the production of bakery products. Currently, two main [...]

4 06, 2018

Solvent Retention Capacity

Solvent Retention Capacity What is Solvent Retention Capacity? Solvent retention capacity (SRC) is a physical test performed on hard and soft wheat flours to determine their end use, baking quality and hydration performance during mixing.1 The SRC test examines the water absorption and retention profile of gluten proteins, damaged starch and pentosans [...]

7 06, 2015

Bread Flour

Bread Flour Also Known as Hard Wheat Flour What is Bread Flour? Bread flour is a high-protein patent flour specifically milled for yeasted breads. Unlike whole wheat flour which milled from the whole wheat kernel, bread flour is made from just the protein-rich endosperm of hard red spring or hard red winter [...]


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