25 02, 2019

Regulatory Overview

Regulatory Overview What is Regulatory Overview? Regulatory overview deals with the regulatory landscape concerned with food safety. Maintaining clear food safety guidelines allow bakers to take proactive and preventive measures to manage risks associated with everyday operations. Aspects involved in food and bakery regulatory landscape include: Good manufacturing practices and plant hygiene [...]

4 02, 2019

High Protein Bread

High Protein Bread What is High Protein Bread? High protein bread has been formulated and processed to comply with food labeling requirements for the nutrient content claims of:1,2 “High in protein” “Rich in protein” “Excellent source of protein” This claim requires that the finished product contains at least 20% protein per reference [...]

6 04, 2018

Food Labeling

Food Labeling What is food labeling? There is an international standard that outlines proper food labeling. It includes: Principal display and information panel Statement of identity Ingredient statement Net quantity of contents Statement of responsible party Nutrition facts Claims Label warnings Education and training The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) defines food [...]


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