30 07, 2018

Protein in Flour

Protein in Flour What is protein in flour? Protein content and quality of baking flours are vital functional, nutritional and economical parameters for millers and bakers. They determine whether a given flour is suitable for either: Yeast-leavened bakery products that require higher levels of protein in flour (pan bread, buns, hearth breads) [...]

30 07, 2018

Moisture in Flour

Moisture in Flour What is moisture in flour? Moisture in flour means the water content of a given flour. In the quality control laboratory of mills and bakeries, routine determination of moisture is a key parameter to satisfy process needs and guarantee the consistency of flour being processed and transformed.1 Moisture content [...]

30 07, 2018

Ash in Flour

Ash in Flour What is ash in flour? Ash is the mineral or inorganic material in flour. The ash content of any flour is affected primarily by the ash content of the wheat from which it was milled, and its milling extraction rate: the amount of flour obtained from wheat after milling, [...]


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