28 03, 2017

Propylene Glycol: Should it be in your baked goods?

Although helpful in dough, propylene glycol is being questioned. Propylene glycol is used as an anticaking agent, dough strengthener, emulsifier, flavor agent, solvent, humectant, stabilizer and thickener in food formulas. The FDA lists it as generally regarded as safe (GRAS). Suggesting the current maximum level for use in confections and frostings is 24%, [...]

9 07, 2016

Malic Acid

Malic Acid Also known as alpha hydroxy organic acid, hydroxybutanoic acid or hydroxysuccinic acid What is Malic Acid? Malic acid is one type of dicarboxylic acid and is the predominant acid in apples and other fruits. It is a multifunctional food additive that is used in the following food and beverage categories: [...]


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