17 06, 2019

3 Things to Expect with Dough Conditioners

Since their modern form’s arrival to the baking industry in the 1950s, dough conditioners have helped us make better, more reliable dough and products. They cover a pretty wide range of ingredients, from strengtheners to improvers. No matter which ones (or combination of ones) you use, they should be accomplishing three main targets for you. Consistent outcome [...]

3 01, 2019


Laccase What is Laccase? Laccase is an enzyme used in baking to improve various qualities of doughs and baked goods. The ingredient can be used in bread production, for example, to enhance: Dough handling Loaf volume Crumb structure Origin Laccase is an ingredient sourced from fungi, which secrete laccases [...]

3 01, 2019


Lipoxygenase What is Lipoxygenase? Lipoxygenase, also known as linoleate: oxidoreductase, is an enzyme used in commercial food production. In bread making, it both bleaches flour and improves dough handling. Origin The enzyme is found in plant and animal tissues, but it is most abundant in beans, peas, and potatoes. [...]

21 06, 2016


Kneading What is Kneading? Kneading is the process of working a dough mixture to form a smooth and cohesive mass. It can be done by hand or mechanically. Proper kneading is essential for the formation of dough with adequate viscoelastic properties including: Gas retention capacity Breads with fine grain, texture and crumb.1 [...]

9 05, 2016

The Science of Mixing

By Richard Junge BAKERpedia put together the sold out teaching seminar “The Science of Mixing,” held at the Wheat Marketing Center, Portland OR. It talked about the fundamentals of hydration, mixing, and the requirements for a good mix. Bakery Concepts President Ken Schwenger, who provides innovative equipment for the Baking and Food Industries, demonstrated the [...]

16 06, 2015

Dough Conditioners

Dough Conditioners Also known as dough improvers or strengtheners What are Dough Conditioners? Dough conditioners are ingredients that improve dough processing, as well as the overall quality of baked products in high-speed production environments. They are available as concentrates or dry mixes. Most often, they're found  in no time dough/straight dough systems. [...]

7 06, 2015


Mixing What is Mixing? Mixing is one of the most critical and important operations in a bakery. The mixing stage allows “inert” dry and liquid ingredients to create a very reactive and dynamic system that can be then processed and transformed into value-added products. Foams, cake batter emulsions, colloidal suspensions and doughs [...]

7 06, 2015

Dough Conveying

Dough conveying with mechanical transfer system. Dough Conveying What is Dough Conveying?  Dough conveying is the transfer, flow, or movement of amounts of dough via conveying equipment. Dough can be transferred from one equipment to another by using conveying units. In large-scale bakery plants, the large masses of dough produced [...]


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