1 08, 2022

Calibre Control

Calibre Control C-Cell is an AACCi approved analyser used globally to measure baked product quality, from internal structure and slice shape, to complex bread scoring and internal feature analysis, and more! We've now launched our new software programme, enhancing data output capabilities in line with “Industry 4” recommendations. [...]

22 06, 2021


C-Cell What is C-Cell? C-Cell is a baked product analyzer used to objectively quantify key features that relate to raw material quality or process conditions. Used by all stakeholders in the wheat, flour and baking industries it provides a common language when defining crumb structure:1 Wheat breeders: test new varieties to confirm bread [...]

21 10, 2015

Crumb Analysis

Crumb Analysis What is Crumb Analysis? Crumb analysis is the visual quantification of the sliced surface area of a baked product. This technique is used to observe the internal cellular structure of yeast- and chemically-leavened products to help assess their texture, sensory and eating qualities.1 Main attributes determined by crumb analysis of [...]

15 10, 2015

Baking Quality

Baking Quality What is baking quality? Baking quality is a concept used by bakers to determine the potential of cereal flours (wholemeal and/or refined) in the manufacture of yeast-leavened breads and buns or chemically-leavened sweet goods such as cakes, waffles, muffins or cookies.1 Baking quality is intimately related to the quantity and [...]


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