15 03, 2018

Hygienic Design of Bakery Equipment

Hygienic Design of Bakery Equipment What is Hygienic Design of Bakery Equipment? It is the set of conditions and requirements with which machinery and equipment should comply to prevent physical, chemical, and biological contamination of the baked goods. Hygienic design requires bakery equipment to: Be easily cleaned (i.e., allow for straightforward dry/wet cleaning) [...]

7 06, 2015

Clean In Place (CIP)

Clean-in-Place (CIP) What is Clean-In-Place? Clean-in-place (CIP) is a cleaning method widely used in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, brewing and winemaking industries that require the highest standards of plant hygiene. CIP implies cleaning equipment and its parts without disassembling them. CIP methods can include: Soaking/agitation systems Solvent refluxing High-impact spray-cleaning Turbulent flow [...]

7 06, 2015

Water Brew

Yeast brewing in just water and sugar. Water Brew Also Known As Flour-Free Ferment or Water Preferment System What is Water Brew? A water brew is a mixture of water, yeast and a buffer which is then fermented for a specific time at a predetermined temperature. A water brew is [...]


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