2 05, 2016

Wheat Starch Pre-Gel

Pre-gel Starch Also known as cold-water swelling starch or pre-genitalized starch What is Pre-gel Starch? Pre-gel starch is starch that’s precooked and dried to enhance its thickening and water absorption capacity at lower temperatures. The process partially destroys the starch granule and reduces its degree of crystallinity. It is used in ready-to-make [...]

7 06, 2015

Acetylated Monoglycerides (AMG)

Acetylated Monoglycerides (AMG) What are Acetylated Monoglycerides (AMG)? Acetylated monoglycerides (AMG) are non-ionic surfactants widely used in baking and other food formulations. Chemically, they are acetic acid esters of monoglycerides whose properties depend on the composition of the monoglyceride and the degree of acetylation. Various food systems use acetylated monoglycerides, such as: [...]


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