21 11, 2019

Honey Oat Buns

Honey Oat Buns Ingredients 2 tsp Yeast 1¼ C Milk 3 C Bread flour ¾ C Oats 1½ tsp Salt 2 tbsp Olive oil ¼ C Honey Method Place all seven ingredients into the mixing bowl and mix for 12 minutes using a dough hook. Place dough in a covered bowl [...]

12 02, 2019

What’s the Big Deal with the Kill Step Calculator?

You know the importance of the kill step. It’s the point during baking when harmful pathogens likeSalmonella spp. are eliminated. Although it’s always been crucial from a food safety stand point, there’s another layer. Now that FSMA has been rolled out, the kill step must be logged and documented in order for you to be in compliance. [...]

10 06, 2015

Hamburger Bun

Hamburger Bun What are Hamburger Buns? A hamburger bun is a round, risen bread designed specifically to hold a hamburger patty and the accompanying toppings. The hamburger bun, when sliced in half, makes hamburgers and sandwiches portable and easy foods to eat. Compared to bread, they are: High in sugar High in [...]


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