7 06, 2015

Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate What is Ammonium Sulfate? Ammonium sulfate, or [(NH4)2SO4], is an inorganic crystalline salt used in wine, baking, sausage casing and other foods. Its addition to baked goods provides many benefits, including: Dough strengthening and conditioning Dough stabilizing Buffering Bread quality enhancing Yeast survival and growth Origin and Commercial [...]

7 06, 2015

Adipic Acid

Adipic Acid What is Adipic Acid? Adipic acid is a dicarboxylic acid with the lowest acidity of commonly used food acids. It is a food additive which serves several functions in jams, beverages and baked goods. It’s used as an acidulant, pH regulator, flavoring, buffering and leavening agent.¹,² In baking, this acid [...]


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