9 05, 2016

The Science of Mixing

By Richard Junge BAKERpedia put together the sold out teaching seminar “The Science of Mixing,” held at the Wheat Marketing Center, Portland OR. It talked about the fundamentals of hydration, mixing, and the requirements for a good mix. Bakery Concepts President Ken Schwenger, who provides innovative equipment for the Baking and Food Industries, demonstrated the [...]

7 03, 2016

Precision Baking

Time and time again, I have been consulting with a bakery on their product issues, and this issue would surface. What is it? Would you take a stab at it? It’s the oven. Most of the time, ovens are set to time, temperature and color. Some bakeries measure the exit temperatures, but some don’t. "Why [...]

13 10, 2015

About Bakerpedia

Shared knowledge that empowers, inspires change and improves food manufacturing processes We're here for the 3 a.m. dough mixers, the attention-to-detail formulators, the first time small business owners, the product-line managers, the food scientist grad students, and anyone else who considers themselves a baking and food industry professional. Why? [...]


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