3 03, 2020

Modernize Artisan Bread with Benchmark Technology

Brought to you by ECD BakeWATCH. Artisan breads are unique, natural and tasty. Items in this category include crusty baguettes, pretzel buns, focaccia and naturally leavened multigrain bread. They use simple ingredients and are often described as country style or rustic. When thinking about these breads, we conjure up images of craft bakers using [...]

21 01, 2020

Masa Madre Ferment

Masa Madre Ferment What is Masa Madre Ferment? Masa Madre ferment is a traditional and ancient breadmaking method. It is the equivalent of sourdough starter in many Spanish speaking and Latin American countries. This starter uses wheat or rye flour, and water.1 The mixture is allowed to ferment naturally, making various refreshments [...]

8 01, 2020

Become a Certified BakePro

Brought to you by AIB International. Want to keep your business innovative and efficient? Positively impact employee behavior and increase job satisfaction? Then invest in programs that support your employees and help your business grow. BakePro Certification from AIB International provides the best aspects of consulting such as  good management, a needs assessment, alignment [...]


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