31 05, 2023

BAKED in Science EP76: Regulations and Compliance in Food Labeling

Getting your product to market has many steps, and a crucial one is developing a compliant nutrition facts label. Food labeling needs to be easily understood by consumers and must comply with federal regulations. Proper food labeling is vital to a product’s success, as products that do not comply or are in violation of [...]

21 09, 2020

Why Should You Replace Eggs in Baking?

Well, for quite a few reasons, actually. Reasons to replace eggs include: Economics: considerable fluctuations in global egg supply and pricing Health concerns: cholesterol content, avian influenza outbreaks, etc. Lifestyle: vegan/vegetarian diets Shelf-life and handling: egg products have a limited shelf-life and can lead to HACCP issues Allergen: egg is considered a top allergen in the U.S., creating a [...]

15 04, 2019

Gluten-free Certification

Gluten-free Certification What is Gluten-free Certification? Gluten-free certification is a document which indicates the successful meeting and implementation of a certain set of criteria established by a third-party certification (TPC) agency/body regarding the manufacture of “free-from-gluten-products.” The process involves the completion of a series of plant audits and laboratory data analysis. An [...]

6 04, 2018

Tree Nut Allergy

Tree nut allergies, including almonds, are among the top eight food allergens in the U.S. Tree Nut Allergy Includes walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, coconuts, and pine nut allergens What is a Tree Nut Allergy? Tree nut allergies are among the most common eight allergies [...]

6 04, 2018

Soybean Allergen

A soybean allergen is an adverse reaction by the body to proteins found in soybeans. Soybean Allergen What is a Soybean Allergen? A soybean allergen is an adverse reaction by the body to proteins found in soybeans that cause a host of negative symptoms. Soy allergies are among the top eight [...]

6 04, 2018

Shellfish Allergy

Shellfish allergens, including crustaceans, are among the eight most common allergens in the U.S. Shellfish Allergy Also Known As: Crustacean Allergy, Mollusk Allergy What are Shellfish Allergies? Shellfish allergens are one of the most common food allergens in the world, and the most common food allergen in the United States [...]

6 04, 2018


Recall What is a Recall? A recall is a corrective action taken by a company or by regulatory agencies to remove tainted products from distributors’ inventories, store shelves, and consumer kitchens.1 Establishing a recall program is part of a food safety management program. Food companies are at risk of recall due the following:1 [...]

6 04, 2018

Peanut Allergy

Peanuts are one of the top 8 allergens common in the food industry. Peanut Allergy What is a Peanut Allergy? Peanut allergies are the third most common food allergy in the United States, and is also one of the most dangerous. Evidence suggests an estimated 80% of all fatal or [...]


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