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There’s always something new to learn; another skill to add to your repertoire. Sometimes it helps to have a hands-on, personal education. That’s why I launched The Academy—one day courses that give you the practical, technical insight you need, in a way that fits into your schedule.

There’s a great lineup of courses so far in 2018. It’s never too early to start planning ahead. Here’s a list of what will be offering:

1. Production of Gluten-free Baking

March 20, 2018*

The gluten-free trend is strong for 2018. Replacing gluten in baked goods means coming up with innovative solutions, understanding the role of ingredients in formulas, mimicking gluten and adjusting your production. To help you tackle these challenges, BAKERpedia and Middleby Corp. created this one-day course to give you the toolbox needed to thrive in the gluten-free trend.

During this intensive class, you’ll understand what it means to go gluten-free, determine what kind of modified starches or hydrocolloids to use, see what contributes to the tolerance of gluten-free doughs and batters, and know how to extend gluten-free shelf life and enhance its qualities. We’ll focus on cookies, muffins, cakes, bread and include problem solving and a roundtable discussion.

2. Science of Bread Production

April 4, 2018***

From start to finish, there are lots of moving pieces in baking bread. We’ll start at the beginning by diving into the fundamentals of ingredients, moving on to fermentation, mixing, processing, proofing, baking and cooling. From the importance of ingredients, to optimizing process, to hands on tools that we use, we cover it all!

3. Production of Artisan and Healthy Breads

May 15, 2018*

What makes those large holes in a baguette? How can you increase water absorption for an artisan bread formula without the dough becoming too sticky? Artisan and whole grain bread demand are on the rise. These kinds of breads have traditionally been difficult to produce on high-speed lines. From long fermentation times to rustic crusty appearances, we have seen a surge in Artisan bread demand. Artisan bread baking has been long acknowledged as an art, associated with the skill and craftsmanship of the baker. And yet, its practices have not been studied scientifically.

A first of its kind, this class will cover the art and science of Artisan bread baking focused on high volume bakeries. Skilled experts and food scientists will teach the fundamentals of this science, as you interact with peers interested in innovating the commercial baking industry. We will discuss various formulations, methods, ingredients and best Artisan practices that you can adapt in your bakery to help you transition over to these new kinds of bread.

4. Production of Muffins and Cakes

June 12, 2018*

Don’t forget the breakfast and indulgent category. This seminar will cover the technology for the production of chemically leavened systems and their shelf stability issues.  We will identify and use the newest technology for the production of fresh and frozen batters.

5. Science of Flour

August 1, 2018**

When baking with wheat flour, it is important to know its properties before mixing. What is its protein content? How much water will it absorb? What is its mixing tolerance? These are some of the top questions seasoned bakers ask. Knowing the physical characteristics of the flour you use, whether hard red winter, or soft white spring would help you properly formulate and produce the highest quality baked products.

As wheat flour is most likely the largest ingredient on your formula, how it performs would be the biggest contributor to the quality of your final product. In this class, you will be introduced to the different sources of flour, fundamentals of flour chemistry, how to measure flour quality, the difference between aged and fresh milled flour, the effect of enzymes and emulsifiers on flour quality.

6. Science of Sourdough

August 15, 2018**

What would it take for you to make sourdough? How can you cultivate the right kind of bacteria? Can you make your sourdough less sour? How can you obtain a crustier boule? If you’re looking for theses answers to perfect sourdough bread, you’ve come to the right place. From unusually long fermentation times to rustic crusty appearances, we have seen an increase in demand for sourdough bread. But can you make this bread in your bakery? Do you have the space and resources for it?

This class will cover the art and science of Sourdough bread baking focused on high volume bakeries. Skilled experts and food scientists will teach the fundamentals of this science, as you interact with peers interested in innovating the commercial baking industry.

7. Production of Cookies and Desserts

November 6, 2018*

Let’s talk about the category that brings in the most value in your bakery. In this class, we will talk about the science behind the flour, mixing and baking. The things that matter to you as a baker, like cookie spread, chewy texture and shelf life will be discussed and solutions offered in this class. Dessert technology for icing, cheesecake and chocolate will also be covered.

Right now, we are selling spots for The Science of Bread Production and The Production of Gluten Free Bread. Stay tuned for a chance to grab on spot on the other ones. See you in the classroom!

*Classes will be held at the Middleby Bakery Innovation Center, Plano, Texas
**Classes will be held at the Wheat Marketing Center, Portland, Oregon
***Class will be held at the Puratos Innovation Center, Boston, Massachusetts  

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