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Whether sweet or savory, fresh or frozen, the best baked goods come from the best ingredients. Experimentation and innovation are essential in keeping up with industry trends and consumer preferences. The bakery industry can face challenges when rapid price changes for fundamental ingredients occur. Variables in the egg and milk-based powder markets, paired with continuous innovations in the bakery industry, mean suppliers need to generate forward-thinking solutions that go beyond the current trends.

At Select Custom Solutions, our customers are at our core. Working with us gives our customers direct access to a team of experts ready to assist with unique production and nutritional needs, design innovative products, and provide industry-leading services and support.

Select Custom Solutions offers product lines specifically for the bakery industry including Bakigen bakery ingredients, PZ dough conditioners, and Reddi-Sponge dough developers to help our customers create the perfect balance of product performance, modernization, and quality.

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Bakigen® Bakery Ingredients

Select Custom Solutions offers an extensive range of ingredients and blends for the bakery industry, including low-carb, milk replacers, egg white and whole egg alternatives, protein blends, specialty blends, and bulk bakery blends. 

With state-of-the-art ingredient technology and skilled onsite food technologists, Select Custom Solutions can formulate to enhance nearly any bakery application. 

Whether enhancing an existing formulation or customizing for a specific application, our customers can rely on high-quality, consistent products and services.


  • Enhances browning 
  • Improves structure and texture
  • Provides similar functionality to eggs
  • Increases batter viscosity
  • Decreases moisture loss during baking
  • Boosts emulsification
  • Offers fat replacement properties 

Bakigen Product Lines

  • Liquid whole egg alternatives
  • Powdered whole egg and egg white replacers
  • Nonfat dry milk alternatives
  • Whole milk alternatives


  • Donut ingredients
  • Complete baking mixes
  • Protein blends
  • Low-carb blends
  • Batters (cakes, brownies, muffins, waffles, pancakes, etc.)
  • Doughs (cookies, pastries, breads, tortillas, etc.)

Bakigen Product Spotlight

Bakigen CarbCut gluten-free flour

The on-trend, better for you, Bakigen® CarbCut gluten-free flour addresses growing consumer concerns with carbohydrates by tapping into SCS’s expertise in protein functionality and formulation. Bakigen CarbCut reduces carbohydrates and increases proteins in any baking application. Substitute this highly effective gluten-free flour in your formulation for net carbohydrate reduction and a protein boost in cakes, cookies, donuts, and more.


  • 60% (or greater) net carb reduction compared to flour and gluten free flour ingredients
  • Good source of protein
  • Good source of fiber
  • Neutral color and flavor

Tested and proven to work in cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, pie crusts, donuts, flat breads  

Processing Recommendations

  • Best in low ratio sugar applications
  • 1:1 replacement in standard gluten-free formulas
  • Expect slight liquid modification in wheat-based flour formulas

Bakigen Egg Replacers and Alternatives 

Bakigen® egg replacers and alternatives are functional formulations made to improve batter stability, texture, and crumb strength. Utilizing egg replacers or alternatives mitigates egg market fluctuation and removes an egg allergen from your label. Bakigen egg replacers and alternatives often result in cost-savings and cholesterol reduction in bakery applications. 

Bakigen 1061 

  • Applications: cookies, pound cakes, muffins, pancakes, waffles, cakes, brownies 
  • Liquid whole egg replacement: up to 100% (25% Bakigen, 75% water)
  • Dry whole egg replacement: up to 100% 
  • Ingredients: whey protein, faba protein, wheat protein, lactic acid 

Bakigen 1751 

  • Applications: cakes, muffins, cookies, Danish, pastries, etc. 
  • Liquid whole egg replacement: up to 100% (10% Bakigen, 75% water, 15% flour (bakers %))
  • Dry whole egg replacement: up to 100%
  • Ingredients: Whey protein

PZ™ Dough Conditioners

PZ dough conditioners are simple, effective ingredient blends designed to save considerable time and money without sacrificing flavor, quality, or consistency in your dough. 

With PZ, your dough stays soft and kneadable, creating a highly extensible dough, making it possible for you to spend less time handling, stretching, and rolling. 

PZ dough conditioners adapt to your organization’s needs, even allowing a margin of error for less experienced staff. 

Endorsed by the World Pizza Champions, PZ dough conditioners speed up gluten development and make the perfect pairing for hand-tossed or sheeted pizzas in traditional pizzerias, ready-to-bake convenience stores, fast-casual pizza operations, and frozen pizza manufacturers. Assembling outstanding dough is easy with PZ. 


  • Simple addition with no other formula adjustments
  • Reduce snapback and ‘buckiness’
  • Cutback on dough relaxation time
  • Minimal ingredients including wholesome dairy components


  • Pizza Crusts: thick or thin wheat-based crusts (fresh, refrigerated, or frozen)
  • Tortillas: traditional, wheat

Reddi-Sponge® Dough Developers

Reddi-Sponge dough developers help create delicious, consistent bakery products with enhanced crumb structure and longer shelf life. 

The Reddi-Sponge® line adds richness, increases customer appeal by improving volume and texture, is wholly adaptable to any facility and equipment, works in a wide variety of fresh and frozen yeast-raised bakery goods, and offers flexible formulations, including dairy-free and clean label to meet any demand. 

Used worldwide in artisan and old-world breads, Reddi-Sponge simplifies the baking process by reducing the fermentation and floor time without sacrificing quality or flavor.


  • Promotes increased flavor and color via added milk solids
  • Extends shelf life
  • Relaxes dough and improves machinability
  • Enhances texture, crumb structure, and volume


  • Frozen doughs
  • Breads (wide variety)
  • Rolls
  • Sweet yeast doughs
  • Bagels
  • Specialties (croissants, pita, yeast-raised donuts)

Other Select Custom Solutions Notable Brands

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