Pitching a Loaf is on the road! Today’s episode comes to you from the Johnson and Wales International Bread Symposium. Dr. Lin Carson and co-host, David Deblauwe of Puratos, bring on founder Peter Reinhart to learn just why the world needs an academic platform to discuss bread.

Bread is a global issue, important in so many ways. However, it’s also under attack. Reinhart started the symposium to bring bakers, historians and scholars from around the world to look at the bigger picture and “talk micro on macro issues.”

One huge issue: sprouted grains and their impact on the future of bread. Sprouting increases the flavor and nutritional value of bread, but many industrial scale bakeries hit a wall sprouting their grains. Yet our next guest has an innovative solution. Central Milling’s Nicky Giusto shares how they are tackling the issue with their frozen sprout mash.

By sealing and freezing sprouts at the optimal point, the enzymatic process slows to a stop, allowing for a drastically different shelf life. Nicky talks about how to uses this mash in your formulas, why sprouted bread is so beneficial and his great grandfather’s experience with sprouting grains.

This episode is sponsored by Puratos. They are the suppliers of Soft Grain, a range of pre-cooked sprouted grains and seeds in sourdough. To learn more about their product, visit puratos.us.com.

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Peter Reinhart

Peter Reinhart

Nicky Giusto

Nicky Giusto









Co-host: David Deblauwe
Guests: Peter Reinhart, Executive Director of the International Bread Symposium, and Nicky Giusto, Central Milling.
Bread Eaten: Whole Grain Bread; Whole Grain Baguette; King’s Kitchen Rye Bread, Ciabatta, and Egg Challah; Puratos Whole Grain Roll; Jim Little’s Croissant, Bob’s Red Mills Spelt Bread, 10 Grain Bread and English Muffin Bread.
Podcast Studio: Bigfoot Podcast Network

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