Could sourdough be the lean, clean savior of the bread industry? Dr. Lin Carson thinks so. Along with Dave Dahl, she addresses what many bakeries may be experiencing: as delicious and popular as sourdough is, it can be a headache! Between time, scheduling, need for skilled labors, and the cost of destroying a starter, it’s no small feat. But not an impossible one.

Joining us today are two sourdough experts, who have different approaches to putting sourdough on the shelves. One is Doug Michael, passionate baker and owner of Columbia County Bread and Granola. His company makes a flourless sourdough sprouted bread that is naturally leavened. From grain to oven, their process takes 36 to 48 hours. However, it has a number of health benefits, such as a low glycemic index and easier digestibility. And of course, bursting with flavor!

Still, not every bakery has time for this process. So Jeff Nelson, vice president of sales at Brolite, shares his solution. High-speed production doesn’t have the floor space or time for long fermentation. So they sell sours as dehydrated and shredded products, several that are naturally produced. Jeff explains how to make this work for your product line. Because after all, we all need a little sourdough in our lives!

This podcast is sponsored by Brolite Ingredients. With their specially fermented sours and cultured flavors, bakers are able to use these solutions to find a flavor profile that best suits their needs. Find out more about their products at

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Jeff Nelson - Brolite sourdough

Jeff Nelson

Co-Host: Dave Dahl
Guests: Doug Michael, Columbia County Bread and Granola, Jeff Nelson, Brolite
Bread Eaten: Rotella’s Italian Bakery Biscuit Bun, Cranberry Grain Bread, Blueberry Bread and Brioche Bun, whole wheat bread, raisin bread, and Ancient Brands Grain Whole Grain Emmer Bread and Whole Grain Bread.
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