There’s no question about it: consumers want a cleaner and simpler label. Although many chemicals have GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status from the FDA, people want them out of bread. But don’t worry bakers! There are natural alternatives out there to make your bread delicious as ever!

Dr. Lin Carson asks co-host Dave Dahl why he started Dave’s Killer Bread with the tagline, “just say no to bread on drugs!” Another company who has put a lot of effort into cleaning up their label is the Orlando Baking Co. in Cleveland. With over 250 varieties of fresh and frozen bread products and nine production lines, they have removed bromate and ADA from their formulas.

Orlando Baking Co.’s Meredith Long explains the challenges and rewards of going clean. She also talks about their unique probiotic breads, and why we should be eating them!

So just how did the bread industry evolve to need all these additives? Christy Griggs, a food scientist at Corbion, explains why products like DATEM, ADA and SSL are needed for large-scale bread production and what alternatives can be used instead. With all these natural options, why not take advantage of them?

This episode is sponsored by our friends at Corbion. With their line of Pristine products, you can clean up your label, get rid of ADA ingredients, and even bake organically. With all the backlash from the public today, why not use Pristine to clean up your label? Contact Corbion at

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Meredith Long

Meredith Long

Christy Griggs

Christy Griggs








Co-host: Dave Dahl
Guests: Meredith Long, Orlando Baking Co., and Christy Griggs, Corbion
Bread Eaten: Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Grains and White Bread Done Right, Canyon Bakehouse 7 Grain, House of Maya Gluten-free Bread, and Orlando Baking Co. Seed’licious, Purple Wheat Raisin and Honey Wheat.
Podcast Studio: Bigfoot Podcast Network

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