Tortillas are wonder they are an ever-growing sector of the baking industry and a staple in many households.

Can we just appreciate tortillas for second? They’re delicious and go with almost anything. It’s no wonder they are an ever-growing sector of the baking industry and a staple in many households. In fact, tortillas represent around 30% of sales in the U.S. baking industry, making them the second most popular bread type in America.

Let’s take a look at flour tortillas

The dough for flour tortillas is usually either leavened by steam generated during baking or raised lightly with a small amount of baking powder/yeast. All flour tortillas contain at least four basic ingredients: wheat flour, water, fat, and salt.

Industrially, they are processed 2 ways:  

  • Hot-press: a more automated procedure, it involves pressing the round and proofed dough pieces in a heated, hydraulic stamping equipment. They tend to be smoother in surface texture and more elastic.
  • Die-cut: the dough is extruded in a continuous band, followed by sheeting and cross rolling to the correct thickness. Then, it’s cut with a circular die into individual round pieces whose diameter is identical to that of the die. This method greatly reduces the production cost.

Here’s a standard formula:

  • Patent flour, 11–12% protein content (100%)
  • Water (45.0–60.0%)
  • Fresh Yeast (compressed) (0.1–1.0%)
  • Salt (0.1–2.5%)
  • Shortening (2–10%)
  • Gums (water holding improvers and dough strengtheners) (0.3–4.0%)
  • Soy flour (water holder and nutritional profile improver) (1.0–5.0%)
  • Vital wheat gluten (dough strengthener) (0.3–5.0%)
  • Non-fat dry milk (0.3–2.0%)
  • Ascorbic acid (oxidizing agent) (0–200 ppm based on flour weight)
  • Vinegar 100 grain or 10% acetic acid content (mold inhibitor) (0–1.0 lb / 100 lb flour)


  • Scaling/metering of ingredients
  • Mixing
  • Dividing and rounding
  • Proofing
  • Sheeting/stretching or hot-pressing
  • Baking
  • Cooling
  • Counting and stacking of units
  • Packaging

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