An organic, non-thermal kill step for seeds, grains and nuts.

If you work with organic seeds, grains and nuts, you know the problems that arise when it comes to food safety.

Heat-based pasteurization can influence sensory attributes and germination. Chemical fumigation isn’t organic, and irradiation means a stigma on the label. Is there an organic, non-thermal way to treat them that won’t impact the final product?

There is with Neo-Pure™:

  • It’s an organic liquid solution derived from plants.
  • When applied onto seeds, grains and nuts, it destroys pathogens on the surface as well as in cracks and crevices.
  • Afterwards, it completely bio-degrades into water that is dried off.
  • No heat is involved in the deactivation of pathogens
  • Sensory, shelf life, and germination rates are preserved.

How does it work?

Once the solution contacts harmful bacteria and fungi, it releases free oxygen to destroy their cellular structure and then bio-degrades into water, leaving no residue. It does not cause clumping since it does not trigger the release of mucilage in seeds like chia and flax. There is no toasting or burnt taste. The food remains viable meaning it can still sprout, just as nature intended.

Neo-Pure™ achieves validated 5-log reduction of pathogens such as Salmonella while the food remains truly raw as oils and fats are preserved. It also provides broad spectrum control of unwanted microbes such as aerobic bacteria, yeast, mold and coliforms.

Why is this so innovative?

It provides the low moisture food industry with the ability to innovate without sacrificing quality or compromising on food safety for raw, lighter roasting and sprouted products. Not only does it allow increased production, but it’s cost-effective as food processors no longer need to send their food out for toll treatments that use steam, ETO or irradiation.

How is it applied?

The Neo-Pure™ solution is misted onto seeds and starts going to work right away. A drying process then brings the grains, seeds or nuts to their original state. It does not heat or cook, it simply dries off the moisture.

The food goes into the Neo-Pure™ food safety system (about 60’ x 20’) where it gets misted with Neo-Pure™, and then goes through a gentle mix cycle to make sure it’s coated on all sides and cracks to get 100% coverage. The added surface moisture is then dried-off. The total time varies on the size of the batch and surface area of the food.

Do grains and seeds need to go through a kill step?

While legally only almonds must undergo a kill step, it’s in the best interest of everyone to make sure products are safe. Preventive controls like Neo-Pure™ are not only good for a product, but they help solve the bigger issue of foodborne illnesses. Agri-Neo intends to take its years of testing and validation of food safety solutions to solving the growing problem of food borne diseases in the low-moisture food industry through Neo-Pure™.