A non-enzyme based DATEM replacement in bread.

I’ve been asking around for some time now for a solution to replace emulsifiers like SSL and DATEM. Most clean label solutions involve enzymes, and this is currently the perfect answer. But my radar tells me that enzymes may lose their appeal in a few years. Why, you may ask? It’s because there’s some pushback from the general public on their use in food products.

While I teach and educate as much as I can about how enzymes are denatured and becomes harmless after the baking kill step, I cannot ignore the fact that this anti-enzyme movement is brewing stronger than the anti-ADA movement. This request is not only coming from the consumers; it’s coming from the bakers as well.

Another DATEM Replacement

So I sent out requests to companies I know who are working on a solution for a DATEM replacement. When I received a call from MGP saying that they were on to something, I flew over to their innovation center in Atchison, Kansas, to see it with my own eyes.

When I met their VP of R&D, Dr. Ody Maningat, these were the exact words that came out of my mouth: “You’re not kidding me, that Arise 8100 replaces DATEM without the use of enzymes?”

“Not only does it perform as well as DATEM and SSL, Lin. You only need to claim it as wheat protein isolate,” said Dr. Maningat. I was truly intrigued. How was MGP able to do this? So I dug further and found that their patented process involves the use of L-cysteine.

DATEM replacement non-enzymes MGP Arise 8100

That’s right, L-cysteine, the same ingredient traditionally derived from duck feathers! The look on my face must have indicated to Dr. Maningat that I was completely disgusted. However, he immediately assured me that the L-cysteine they used was derived from fermentation of non-GMO raw materials of vegetable origin (and they have GMO-free certification to back them up).

I’m really glad that Dr. Maningat was transparent with me. This is what our readers need – transparency from our ingredient suppliers. I stood there for a good 15 minutes thinking about it. This made me look like I had hamster wheels going in my head. It wasn’t a flattering image, but I had to think this through.

My conclusion? GENIUSES! They did it.

They have fundamentally converted a protein into an emulsifier naturally! This was the exact solution I was looking for! Arise 8100 is a highly functional specialty wheat protein with Non-GMO Project Verified certification that exhibits enhanced extensibility and improves loaf volume of bread. It even acted like DATEM, giving a smoother crumb with uniform cell structure.

MGP has a DATEM replacement product that’s ready for the market, is not enzyme-based, and is clean label. I hope they’ll be able to wow you with this product as much as it has wowed me.