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Every year, there’s an endless chain of events and conferences for the baking industry. And every year, I’m reminded how impactful and unique Baking Tech is. It really is the best week in baking! Put on by the American Society of Baking (ASB), Baking Tech gives the chance to talk shop with peers and experts, discover what’s new on the baking horizon, and dig into the technical side of the industry.

The Impact of Education and Community

One of the things that really draws me to ASB and Baking Tech is the educational aspect. You all know better than anyone the big questions and issues you need personalized answers too. One thing the industry needs more of is reliable resources with solutions that you can put to the test right away. It’s one of the reasons I started BAKERpedia in the first place.

At Baking Tech, you get the chance to glean technical information directly from the people who are involved with your specialities. Not only that, but it’s information you can take back and put into practice right away to improve your process and product. Through the networking events, you’ll be creating valuable connections and contacts you can turn to the rest of the year. It’s all about creating a community for bakers, by bakers.

What’s on the line-up for Baking Tech this year?

Whether you’re a baker or allied, you’ll come away with something from Baking Tech. This year, the theme is “Sustainability: success through people, products and productivity.”

Product development competition presentations are a great chance to see up and coming innovations. Technical break out sessions will range from consumer behavior, to ingredients and packaging, to making sense of the evolving regulatory environment. And don’t miss the panels for discussions on bakery engineers and sustainable practices for hiring, training and retention.

Keynote speakers this year will be:

  • Mario Somoza, President and CEO of Pan PePan Pepín, Inc. Bayamon, Puerto Rico on Riding the Storm Out: The Survival and Rebuilding of Pan Pepín and Puerto Rico in the Wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria
  • Chris Grollnek, Active Shooter Prevention Expert

And of course, there will be networking events and the Market Place with hundreds of exhibitors from all corners of the grain-based foods industry. Here is the time to discover new ideas, insights, and skills, to help with your career and company advancement and effectiveness.

Check out the list of exhibitors here!

See you there!

When: February 25-27, 2018
Where: Chicago Hilton
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