Egg Yolk

Egg replacers mimic the attributes of real eggs in bakery products

So, you can’t use eggs on your production line. Maybe you’re producing for the vegan community. Maybe you want a healthier product. Maybe you’re looking for cheaper alternatives.

Eggs play such a crucial role in baked goods. They influence volume, texture and color due to their unique foaming, solubility, emulsification and coagulation properties. However, for any number of reasons, sometimes using the real thing isn’t the best option.

The good news is, innovative companies are building egg substitutes that can replace real eggs all the way up to 100%, without sacrificing the physical and sensory attributes. What’s even more exciting is that they often improve the final product, like increasing the moisture or protein. And egg replacers are often half the cost of real eggs!

But WHAT are egg replacers?

Egg replacers differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, most utilize protein isolates from sources such as whey, soy and wheat gluten. Different gums are sometimes used as well. These gums increase the viscosity of your batter and mimic egg structures in baked goods. These replacers can also be tailored specifically, such as egg white replacers, or for specific bakery products.

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