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Moisture in the air is measured by relative humidity.

All that moisture floating around in your proofer has a purpose. Ideal amounts of it is what helps your product rise properly and prepare for the oven. However, measuring and controlling that moisture is what takes your baking to a whole other level.

How do you measure water in the air?

By measuring the relative humidity (RH). This is the ratio of the partial pressure of the water vapor in a mixture to the saturation pressure at the same temperature. With tests and electronic sensors that measure it, the important thing to know is the higher the RH%, the more moisture is in air.

Why should I pay so much attention to RH?

Because by fine tuning your RH for specific products, you’ll see improvements in areas like shelf life and consistency. With electronic RH sensors that allow you to log data over time, you’ll be able to optimize your proofing stage to the max.

Is your relative humidity at the right percentage? Find ideal targets here.

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