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Founded in 1941, MGP today is the largest U.S. producer of specialty wheat proteins and starches. The company offers an expansive portfolio of ingredients backed by teams of food and grain science experts. Our ingredients help make our customers’ products better by enhancing nutritional benefits, while also improving functionality and sensory appeal, such as taste and texture.



If you want to increase the nutritional value of your products by adding fiber, but you don’t want to compromise the taste and consistency, look no further than our Fibersym® RW. This patented RS-4 resistant wheat starch delivers an increase in dietary fiber levels while reducing the caloric content and cholesterol levels of bakery and prepared foods. Fibersym® RW provides the benefits of fiber and leaves your products with a clean flavor and smooth texture.


Consumers are seeking products with higher protein levels now more than ever. Keep your products at the forefront by enhancing protein content with MGP’s Arise®, Optein® and TruTex® specialty proteins. These ingredients can be applied to a multitude of products without forfeiting textural and taste preferences.

Egg Replacement

MGP recognizes that recent egg shortages have presented many challenges. We don’t want you to stop preparing the foods you love, so we provide great solutions. MGP’s Arise® wheat protein isolates and Optein® hydrolyzed wheat proteins can deliver up-to a 100% egg white replacement in bakery and other flour-based products.

Vegetarian/Meat Alternative 

If you’re looking for a vegetarian product that won’t disappoint, TruTex® is for you. The neutral flavor profile that comes without an unpleasant aftertaste makes it an ideal meat replacement or meat supplement. It is an excellent source of protein and, when hydrated, replicates the look and texture of meat.

Sodium Reduction

Consumers want healthier options, including reduced sodium products. Minimize sodium and maximize taste with our Midsol® line of specialty wheat starches. Give your products a clean-flavor that requires less sodium and other flavor enhancers.


All of MGP’s ingredients are Non-GMO. Check out our full product list and trust that MGP will always provide you with the highest quality products.

Clean Label 

Jump into the growing clean label trend with MGP’s Midsol50 and Pregel10 ingredients. These pure native wheat starches help you provide a host of natural foods that consumers want, while also providing many functional benefits you desire.

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