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MGP IngredientsFounded in 1941, MGP is a leading producer of specialty wheat proteins and starches based in the Heartland. Backed by teams of food and grain science experts, our ingredients help bakers boost the nutritional benefits of their products, while improving functionality and enhancing sensory appeal.

While our story is more than 75 years old, we’re attuned to the trends driving demand for your products and provide solutions to help you reach today’s consumer.

Digestive health

Our FDA-approved dietary fiber Fibersym® RW, an RS4 resistant wheat starch, boosts fiber content without compromising taste and consistency.  It recently received low FODMAP™ certification from Monash University, allowing you to confidently develop products that address digestive issues.

Easy to incorporate and white in color, Fibersym is an ideal source of “invisible” fiber suitable for a number of bakery applications. Fibersym also reduces caloric content of bakery products and helps lower blood glucose, insulin and cholesterol levels when consumed.

Our Principal Scientist, Sarah Corwin, Ph.D., RD, helps support MGP’s research into dietary fiber. The scientific advances coming out of her dissertation on slow-digesting carbohydrates and their possible impact in human nutrition are relevant to ongoing research initiatives in understanding further the beneficial physiological effects of dietary fibers in humans.

Low Net Carbs

Weight-conscious consumers are looking for low-net-carbohydrate products, which can be a challenge in bakery applications because of functional issues in working with high-fiber and high-protein formulas. MGP has the answer: formulas containing our Arise® wheat protein isolate, together with Fibersym. Arise provides up to 90% protein with improved functionality and quality, while Fibersym possesses a highly concentrated fiber, both of which reduce net carbohydrates.

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Reduced Sodium

Another health concern for many consumers is sodium. Minimize sodium and other flavor enhancers – and maximize taste – with our Midsol® line of specialty starches.

Clean Label & Non-GMO Offerings

  • We offer ingredients that help you address consumers’ desire for more natural, unprocessed foods.
  • All of our starches, our wheat protein isolates, wheat protein concentrates and lightly hydrolyzed proteins are Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • Many of our ingredients additionally can be used as Clean Label solutions, from the Arise 8000 series of wheat protein isolates to Midsol 50 cook-up wheat starch and Pregel™ instant wheat starch.


MGP offers a range of ingredients that support functionality in bakery applications both during production, such as Clean Label FP protein concentrates, and our Midsol starches that provide moisture retention and shelf-stability after your bakery products reach customers. Consult with our sales team to learn more.


With ingredients from MGP, you can be assured of quality. Our protein and starch production facilities in Atchison, Kansas, consistently receive the highest possible rating of AA for food quality and safety from the BRCGS (formerly BRC Global Standards), an internationally recognized independent source.


We work closely with customers to develop formulations to their specifications and provide education and technical support, both at their locations and in our Technical Center.

MGP Earned Highest BRCGS Audit Score for Food and Beverage Safety in 2020

Atchison, KAN., December 1, 2020 — MGP Ingredients, Inc., (Nasdaq: MGPI) production facilities in Atchison, Kan., and Lawrenceburg, Ind., achieved the highest possible score of Grade AA from BRCGS in 2020. BRCGS conducted virtual and on-site safety audits at the food ingredients and distillery operations in Atchison and at the Lawrenceburg distillery.

Each of the company’s operations consistently earns the certification organization’s highest rating. BRCGS criteria allow for a Grade AA if five or fewer non-conformances are cited out of more than 250 total audit items. BRCGS food and beverage safety audits are approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which benchmarks standards for third-party audits.

“These top audit scores from an internationally recognized independent source validate the dedication of everyone at MGP to assuring safe, quality food ingredients and beverage alcohol,” said David Whitmer, corporate director of quality and alcohol R&D and innovation. “We are proud to provide the best for our customers.”

Let’s Start Something

The team at MGP is ready to collaborate with you to create exceptional bakery products that support your business goals. Call 866.547.2122 or email us at: [email protected]

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