There are two main factors in shelf life extension.

There are two main factors in shelf life extension.

You’ve got the perfect product your customers love — if only it lasted longer on the shelf. Extending the life of baked goods will always be something we work towards. Yet, there are two factors that go a long way in improving shelf life.

  • Improving the texture: the longer a baked good sits on the shelf, the more time it has to become dry, lose flavor, or grow hard. Extended shelf life enzymes can help slow down the re-crystallization of starch, which causes staling. Emulsifiers can help fight off firmness. Make sure you manage the moisture content, with packaging, modified starches and gums.
  • Stopping the mold: Mold is a major destroyer of shelf life. So, add mold inhibitors, such as calcium propionate, potassium sorbate or cultured wheat. Decreasing pH will help improve the effects of the inhibitors. And of course, proper sanitation after the baking process aids in stopping mold from growing.

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